Thursday, September 19, 2013

Power Con 2013

This past weekend we had the opportunity to take our project to the great convention known as Power Con.

It was a really great experience, getting to sell prints of Defenders of Eden, and share with fans what our property could offer. It has been a long time coming for us, and this experience was amazing. It was surreal getting to actual meet the artist (CJ) who I have been working with, and have a friendship with for over a year now.

Meeting people that were genuinely happy for us, and the direction we are going in. Several times we had people ask us to sell stuff on our table. (our display items) This is exciting, because a toy line is the obvious conclusion to our journey, and as we continue to follow the path in front of us the support of those of you that follow us on facebook really makes us happy.

Thanks for everything! and Thanks for believing in us!