Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Amazing work of Chris Faccone

Here at Defenders of Eden, occasionally we have the pleasure of outside artists taking a crack at some of our characters. When we had the opportunity to have Chris Faccone (creator of savage conquest) draw two pin ups for us we couldn't pass up the chance. He did not disappoint. His choice of characters were Owlock, the villain in the sky, and Trodon, the roamer in the south.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Armies of Ashmore

We are very excited to share the news of our first wave of toys in the Defenders of Eden line, titled Armies of Ashmore. This toyline will focus on the Kingdom of Ashmore, a dinosaur like race that resides in the south of Eden.

Following suit in the same way that Masters of the Universe did with its original action figures, we are using the opportunity to create 5 original action figures, using the same basic buck system. Eventually we do want to make each character, and give them unique sculpts, but to start off this was by far the best way to use our current funds, to get as many characters out of our sculptors hands. Tom Tolman, who a lot of fans know as royalT on the forums, has done an amazing job, and these items are currently on their way from his home to mine. The tracking is expecting me to get them tomorrow! 

Now we are on to the next phase, adding joints, and producing at a higher volume. 

CJ is hard at work sketching out an amazing Armies of Ashmore poster that we hope to have available at Power Con 2016. Along with looking over the script for issue one of the comic book.

Andrew will be tackling toy packaging ideas, and logo for this first line.

Thanks to all of you who follow our progress, and we hope to have these action figures in you, and your children's hands very soon! Take Care!